Company Production Philosophy

With over 10 years in business, we have built the production inventory of the company based on one fact:

What equipment do the artist's technical riders request?

All production equipment under our ownership has been purchased under the guideline of the above question. Having the proper gear makes advancing shows with artist's representatives quick and easy. If you have the right gear, and are experienced in system implementation, every day is relatively an easy day. The artist representatives know what they are getting before they arrive to the venue, and the system is set up and ready to operate at the time agreed upon.

The three keys to making a successful concert production company are:

  1. Having the right equipment. You cannot do the job if you don't have the gear.
  2. Having knowledgeable people. The gear will not work properly, if there are not trained individuals on the job who know how to get the most out of the gear being supplied. This includes how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise on any given show.
  3. Having the knowledgeable people on the job who know how to communicate to others in a timely, courteous manner. This final link is imperative, to deal with artist's representatives, local crew, local staff, and audience in professional manner providing a great experience for all.


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